3 Brand New Laptops to Horizon Lanka “Digital Ambassadors”

Dr. Ing. E. Leuthold from Switzerland contacted Horizon Lanka Foundation through email last April and informed us that he is willing to provide a brand new laptop for one of our students. Horizon staff selected Tharanga Sampath, a brilliant student at Horizon Lanka Academy. Visit his blog http://tharangasampath.wordpress.com/ to know more about him. Now Tharanga proudly owns a Windows Vista installed brand new laptop.
We thank Dr. Ing. E. Leuthold a lot for this generous donation. Dr. Ing. E. Leuthold promised to send two more laptops for the next two best students at Horizon Lanka Academy.
Ranuka Udayanga and Hansi Sumedha were the lucky recipients of the other two laptops

Lak Saviya Foundation
was involved in coordinating with the donor in Switzerland – Dr. Ing. E. Leuthold – and Horizon Lanka for the purchase and delivery of the laptop computers. Lak Saviya managed to liaise with the donor and the recipient (through Horizon Lanka) for selecting appropriate Acer laptops from Colombo,  that fits within the budget of the donor and suitable for the end users – two Digital Ambassadors in Mahavilachchiya village. We thank Lak Saviya for their generous assistance to us in this regard.


The classmate PC powered by Intel for emerging markets worldwide

Classmate PC

The World Ahead Program from Intel Corporation aims to enhance lives by accelerating access to uncompromised technology for everyone, anywhere in the world. Focused on people in the world’s developing communities, it integrates and extends Intel’s efforts to advance progress in four areas: accessibility, connectivity, education, and content.

Intel has a long history of working to improve education worldwide and our ongoing programs prepare teachers and students for success in the global economy.

The Intel-based classmate PC is a small, mobile educational solution that Intel has developed specifically for students in emerging markets.

In the past twenty-five years, the popularization of personal computers (PCs) together with access to the Internet has had a profound effect on peoples’ lives. However, only roughly 10 percent of current households in the emerging markets of Africa, SE Asia, Latin America, India, China and Russia currently have PCs.

The classmate PC is a revolutionary new device targeted at providing one computing solution per student in emerging markets, taking advantage of the education focus to deliver a product that provides great student education in a rugged industrial design intended for children.


  • Designed for education
  • Durable rugged design for children’s day-to-day use
  • Small, kid friendly, form factor for classroom use
  • Easy to carry and light-weight
  • Education-specific features
  • Integrated software and hardware solution
  • Learning through fun, collaboration and interaction
  • Easy to deploy
  • IA-based, runs on already available content, applications and operating systems with full compatibility to standard PC ecosystem

For more information on the Intel-based classmate PC, please visit www.classmatepc.com.

Source: http://www.intel.com/intel/worldahead/classmatepc/