Team of Digital Ambassadors

The following team of “Digital Ambassadors” are available to take up assignments to take ICT to the villages at Horizon Lanka at the moment. If any project wants to hire them please contact Terms and conditions of the assignments can be discussed online. This team has 10 years of experiences at Horizon Lanka from Grade 4 to Advanced Level exam. Now that they are free they can take up short term projects in villages to introduce ICT to the villages. They are good in English and IT applications such as web designing, graphic designing, creating and maintaining blogs, etc. They also are good at photography, videoing, etc. They can help village youths to become IT savvy.

  1. Aruni Pradeepika
  2. Duleeka Dilhani
  3. Iresha Dilhani
  4. Krishanthi Priyadarshani
  5. Radhika Nilupulee Rajapaksha
  6. Ruvini Senevirathna
  7. Nirmala Sarojani
  8. Dinesh Pradeep Kumara
  9. Chamila Priyadarshani
  10. Gayani Pushpakumari

Iresha – The First Digital Ambassador

Iresha Dilhani I think I am a very lucky girl. You must be wondering why! Let me tell you. When I was 12 years old, I joined Horizon Lanka Foundation. I was lucky back then because as part of the Digital Butterflies programme I became the first personal computer owner in the village! This program has been the success of our village’s IT development. Now we have launched a new goal for Digital Butterflies. It is called Digital Ambassadors. We hope that under this program, all senior students will be able to have a laptop instead of a desktop computer. We consider laptops more suitable for village homes as they are more compact for our small houses. Also, transportation of desktop PCs is very expensive for us and moving laptops is much easier and faster.

So why am I a lucky girl again? Well, thanks to Mr Horikawa of Japan, I became the first Digital Ambassador. Now I have my very own laptop at home, which I use for my work and also, help my friends with their work. Mr. Horikawa’s kind gift came installed with Japanese software. Unfortunately, my Japanese language skills are bad. So with the help of Ranuka we reinstalled the English version software. I think this laptop will bring me hope for my future. I would like to say a special Thank You to Mr. Horikawa for giving me this wonderful gift. Like Mr. Horikawa, if somebody can help my friends, it would be of great benefit to them.

Iresha Dilhani